About Us

Our Vision

NRICH Learning promotes collaboration between staff, parents, and students to achieve academic excellence. We foster the development of responsible, caring students – lifelong learners that are prepared to meet the challenges of the real world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the intelligence and creativity of a child by teaching Mathematics and English subjects. We aim to deliver expert tuition from qualified and experienced tutors to unlock the potential of children and help them realise their aspirations. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to service. We believe all lessons should leave children engaged, confident and motivated.

We all want our children to do well and be happy at school. Sometimes they need some extra support, maybe to build confidence, to help in areas they find difficult in school, prepare for exams or to help them achieve that top grade.

Our Facilities

Our Leadership Team

Seema Bharti

Head Tutor, Head of Mathematics

Tiger Liu

Head of English

Our Staff

Our Core Values

1. Develop students into enthusiastic, confident and passionate learners.

2. Understand and address the academic needs of all our students.

3. Deliver the highest possible quality of service to our families.

4. To respond effectively and efficiently to any feedback we receive to ensure that the student is engaged, confident and motivated.

5. Undertake a holistic approach to tutoring, so as to take into consideration students’ emotions and feelings.