Welcome to NRICH Learning and thank you for visiting our web page. We are proud to be one of the leading tutoring service in Melbourne and honoured to be held in high esteemed by the parents and students alike.

NRICH Learning offers a friendly, welcoming and productive atmosphere for our students to boost their confidence. We do more than emphasise the importance of achievement and attaining results with our driven attitude encouraging students to learn well beyond the classroom.




Enriching Fearless Learners

At NRICH Learning we have a proven record of enabling children of all abilities to excel academically. We are unwavering in our mission to develop a generation of fearless learners.

We nurture children to be proud to read their story in front of their class, because they know that what they have written is wonderful. Someone who is brave and excited to make friends at the school, because they are confident to introduce themselves. Someone who's not afraid to try new things, learning from their mistakes to blossom into an independent thinker.

So, if you're looking for tuition that we will not only support your child academically, but change their whole approach to learning and allow them to learn with a smile, come to NRICH Learning.

Our Teachers In Action

What Parents Say

Seema is the best teacher! She takes extra effort to get to know each child. According to her every child is special and smart and her role as a teacher is to enhance their capabilities and grow their knowledge. My kids are blessed to have a teacher like her! They love her and so do I.

Rinku Bajaj

I am very much impressed with the teaching technique of Seema and her team members. She is one among those who not only teaches but also let others put their ideas forward….
It is one the best places to study in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. My daughter has been attending this coaching from start of this year and she has improved a lot in her studies. Highly recommend this one for the kids!!

Nidhi Raja

Individualized tailored learning needs are met during classes.

Ruchi Gera

Our Services

Core curriculum

    - Mathematics and English
    - NAPLAN preparation
    - ICAS test preparation

Entrance exams

    - Melbourne/McRob High
    - Suzzane Corey/ Nossal High
    - John Monash Science School


    - Writing skills - From thoughts to paper
    - Problem solving - Numerical reasoning
    - Verbal and non verbal reasoning skills