Selective & Scholarship School Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

We concentrate on guiding the youngster through the process as stress-free as possible. We prepare students not just for private school admission, but also for state school admission, particularly the rigours of "Melbourne and McRob High School." English comprehension, creative writing, arithmetic, and verbal and nonverbal thinking will all be covered in preparation.

We assist both the child and the parent in navigating the Private/Public School admissions process. Your child will be guided through the preparation process, with an emphasis on English comprehension and creative writing, mathematics, exam and interview techniques, and, most significantly, fun. A cheerful youngster is almost often a high achiever.

NRICH Learning English program gives a substantial weekly practice of Reading Comprehension and writing exercises. Every alternate week, the program challenges students to write various essays (persuasive, narrative, descriptive and expository). The teachers target the essay structure and composition. They provide essential tips to improve the students’ skill level above and beyond the average school level. The students are also trained in solving Verbal reasoning problems.

Our Mathematics program takes the students from the average skill level to an advanced level. The program prepares the students to solve complex word problems with ease. The content and approach of our program focus on the types of questions found in the actual examination your child will be sitting. This provides the child with an essential experience of the exam scenario. Numerical reasoning exercises are also an essential part of our Mathematics program.

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