Core Curriculum English and Mathematics

Core Curriculum English and Math

Even if your child is not planning on attending a different school for a few years, academic support can be beneficial at any level of ability; whether you believe your child is exceptional and needs to be challenged beyond what the school currently offers, or whether you believe your child requires individualised assistance with specific elements of their education.

NRICH Learning offers a unique program where our teachers help to improve upon the student’s existing English and Mathematics skills. The classes are held weekly in small groups of no more than eight students per group. Hourly classes for English and Mathematics are conducted to assist the children in understanding the subject matter. Most importantly, we build the child’s confidence by offering an engaging, optimistic and stimulating learning environment.

The English and Mathematics programs are aimed to improve reading fluency and comprehension, as well as writing abilities and mathematics topics. Reading and composing are the focus of one session. The second session focuses on improving pre-algebra and algebra skills. Parents can enrol their children up for one or both of these programmes.

We teach and practice various writing styles such as persuasive, expository, descriptive and narratives. Every writing assignment comes with helpful clues to get the young writer to get a head start. The tutor engages the students to write the essays in a framework that brings a structure to their writing. The importance of engaging the reader is emphasised and explained through various tools. The students also get to practice and improve grammar, spellings and punctuation.

Our core curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of reading, spelling, writing, and arithmetic using our proven teaching methods. We provide the time and personal attention that a large classroom environment cannot offer.

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