Grade 3 English and Mathematics Curriculum

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Reading - Kindergarten Private School.


After having learnt the basic calculations and numbers, the Grade 3 child starts with even and odd numbers, measurement of lengths, probability and chance and many other new concepts. The complexity of word problems now includes mixed operations. From multiplications and division, they dive into the world of fractions and decimals. Geometry is introduced and they start to play with angles, space, maps and networks. Data representation in charts and graphs is also introduced.

Math - Kindergarten Private School.


Third grades are challenged to write creative essays. Helpful clues are provided to assist them with ideas. NRICH pupils comprehend the structure of a paragraph by third grade and can construct multi-paragraph essays. They practice writing in free verse and learning to edit and rewrite their work to polish and refine it.

Math - Kindergarten Private School.

Language Arts

Besides refreshing and enhancing the previous read grammar topics, the students are taught prepositions, contractions, prefixes, and suffixes.

Students in third grade learn to recognise and understand elements of speech such as adjectives, adverbs, articles, conjunctions, and interjections, as well as their varied purposes in sentences. To increase writing precision and reading comprehension, they also master capitalisation and spelling norms.

Math - Kindergarten Private School.


Grade 3 comprehension builds on from the previous year learning and introduces complex vocabulary and spellings. The use of phrases and idioms in the language helps learn grammar topics whilst building on comprehension skills. We use poems, fiction, narratives, games, and a wide variety of topics which not only helps the young reader in their language skills but increases their general awareness.