Grade 2 English and Mathematics Curriculum

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Reading - Kindergarten Private School.


Our Grade 2 students become skilful at skip counting, simple measurements, basic addition and subtraction. They know how to find place values for numbers up to 1000. They understand and recognise whole numbers up to 10,000 and are already capable of doing multiplications and division. They are getting proficient on basic word problems and can also describe 2D shapes and patterns.

Math - Kindergarten Private School.


Second-graders present their topic and present facts, definitions, or actions to help them develop their argument. Children improve their writing skills in second grade by learning to consider their audience and purpose, as well as categorising and structuring their thoughts.

Math - Kindergarten Private School.

Language Arts

Language arts students in second grade will improve their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. They'll keep working on comprehending the relationship between sounds, letters, and words. By writing to express ideas and information, second graders learn word use and comprehension.

Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and complex sentences are all covered in second-grade language arts. Students learn how to recognise these specific grammatical elements as well as when and how to utilise them to make their communication clearer.

Math - Kindergarten Private School.


For children, learning to read opens a world of possibilities.

It increases their ability to think creatively and critically, broadens their knowledge base, and improves their ability to respond to others with understanding and compassion.

At NRICH Learning, we follow the Blooms taxonomy for teaching comprehension skills. The passages are provided with the appropriate level of complexity and a wide genre. Grade 2 comprehension passages include poems, Aesop's fables and other stories, both fiction and non-fiction.