Grade 4 English and Mathematics Curriculum

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The Grade 4 student is ready to learn shapes and symmetry and concepts such as volume, capacity, area, and mass. Algebra is also taught in grade 4. The complexity of the basic arithmetic concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division increases and due to this scaffolding, the child gains confidence in the subject matter.

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The Fourth-grade child will benefit from the writing skills we teach them for the rest of their lives. The children are encouraged to take up reading and make use of technology. The teachers demonstrate how to create an outline. The children enjoy expressing themselves via writing! This year, kids will compose expository, argumentative, and descriptive multi-paragraph essays to strengthen and enhance their writing skills. Teachers are also starting to teach kids how to use and reference sources.

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Language Arts

Synonyms and antonyms, punctuation and capitalisation, positive and negative connotations, compound words and homophones form the curriculum of grade 4 language arts.

We connect grammar and mechanics with writing because rules exist to help us express information in a clear and structured manner. Fourth graders can identify and diagram prepositional phrases, independent clauses, and relative pronouns, as well as employ apostrophes and hyphens.

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The comprehension skills challenge the reader to understand the more profound meaning and evaluate the author’s purpose, find synonyms and antonyms in the text. The reader is also asked to present alternative scenarios and be creative to suggest different conclusions to the text.