Grade 5 English and Mathematics Curriculum

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Some students in grade 5 start preparing for scholarship places offered by some reputed private schools. This requires a high degree of understanding and application of arithmetic, algebra, shapes, measurements etc. In the grade 5 curriculum the fractional operations, transformation of shapes, quantifying chance as a fraction, financial plans and budgets are taught besides a repetition of the complex word problems with mixed operations.

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In increasingly complex, multi-paragraph essays, fifth-grade students develop and build on previously taught knowledge and skills. Fifth-grade essays have formal introductions, a lot of supporting material, and a conclusion. Students practise writing strategies and try out several types of essay leads (e.g., an astonishing fact, a dramatic scene). In 5th grade, many new and exciting concepts are learned and mastered. Nrich pupils know how to employ the components of speech successfully in their works by the fifth grade. They learn to incorporate their own voices into their writing and to select the proper tone and style for their audience and purpose.

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Language Arts

Analogies, figurative language, similes, and metaphors, finding synonyms and antonyms in context form the curriculum of grade 5 language arts.

Fifth graders continue to gain a better knowledge of how the English language works. They conjugate verbs, draw participles, correctly identify prefixes, suffixes, and roots of words, and deduce the meanings of unknown words based on context.

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The grade 5 students are challenged to choose different phrases in the context of the text. They are asked to write the text summary and infer from a particular portion of the passage to analyse the text deeply.