“I am not a teacher, but an awakener” – Robert Frost

A good teacher is not someone who teaches you to think correctly. S/he is the one who changes your entire mindset. All those things that you have learned from your experience can be perceived in a different light, which the teacher helps us realise. For example, if a negative experience in your life tends to prevent you from moving forward, your teacher can help you identify the positive factors in that experience and help you break your shackles and move ahead. 

To get that chance to think differently, you should place your faith in your teacher, more than anything else. If s/he is unable to gain your trust, you will be sceptical of his/her ways and unable to recognise your full potential. 

Let’s give you a gist of things that you should follow by heart to get the most out of your teacher and help them, help you. 

  • Be a good listener – You should be an ardent listener to understand everything that your teacher says to you. 
  • Be obedient – If you trust your teacher, you should follow whatever s/he says and tries to incorporate the same into your lifestyle. 
  • Be disciplined – Discipline is the first step towards changing your thought process. Follow discipline in your day-to-day life to speed up the process. 
  • Be curious – Do you have questions? It’s natural to be curious when learning something new. Get your queries resolved from your teacher. 
  • Be natural – Don’t force something on yourself just because your teacher is saying so. Use your analytical mind to realise what the teacher is trying to convey before adapting to the same. 

Now, a good teacher also needs to have some essential qualities to help you change your mindset as follows:

  • Ability to reform – The teacher must be capable of bringing changes to your thought process. If s/he can’t provide you with the logic behind his/her teachings, chances are, you won’t consider him/her seriously. 
  • Ability to answer queries – The teacher should always be on his/her toes to answer the relevant questions of his/her pupils. S/he should know what s/he is saying and be able to provide proper logic behind his/her statements. 
  • Ability to influence – The teacher should be able to influence your thinking and change it into something better. For example, if you feel insecure and low about yourself, the teacher can help you realise your strengths to combat your weaknesses. 
  • Ability to learn – It’s not that the pupils should always learn from the teachers. Learning is a two-way process and is successful only when you are flexible enough to let things inside. The teachers should also learn things from his/her pupils to give them the best possible advice at any given moment. 
  • Ability to seek knowledge – A teacher, is the medium through which we gain wisdom. Hence, s/he should always find knowledge in the raw form from his/her environment, process it and transfer the same to his/her pupils. 

Remember, a teacher can change your mind only if you keep it open. Rigidity and arrogance are the biggest enemies of wisdom, so get rid of the same before you seek your teacher’s help to change your thought process