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5 Reasons To Opt For Tuitions

5 Reasons To Opt For Tuitions

Tuitions are not only necessary but also an integral part of education these days. The courses have become more complicated over the years, and the students of today feel quite overwhelmed with all the additional assignments and projects that they have to complete within the academic year. They require extra guidance every now and then, and the parents can’t provide them with the same. 

Enters tuition classes! 

Tuition classes are no longer optional for the students to complete their courses on time. Let’s discuss 5 important reasons why tuitions are so important for the students of this age. 

They provide you with extra guidance 

It may not be possible for every teacher to clarify all the doubts of every student within the regular classroom. Many of the students leave the classroom with tons of queries in their minds and no one to turn to for explanations. With tuition classes, they can enjoy the one-on-one attention of the tutor and clarify all their doubts without any hassle. Thus, the tuitions provide them with the extra guidance that they need to understand their courses better. 

Tuitions are affordable 

Tuitions offer great help to their students without costing the parents a fortune. You can easily opt for affordable tuition services for your ward, where they will get the much-required guidance from qualified tutors. Ask your wards if they enjoy attending their tuitions, and if their response is positive, you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Tuitions are relaxing and informal

Many tutors develop a close bond with the students, which is nearly impossible in the formal classroom. For introverted or shy students, this is a key benefit, as they can open up to their tutors to get their queries resolved. You may even find your ward seeking help from his/her tutor for matters outside academics, and then you will know that s/he has found someone to trust and rely on. 

Tuitions can reduce your responsibilities

As a parent, you may have other responsibilities, like work, business, meetings, domestic chores and other things to take care of. You may not get the time to sit with your child and teach him/her every day. Tuitions can lessen your guilt of not attending to your child’s lessons to some extent and provide you with the much-needed space. You will know that your child is in good hands if they enjoy the classes they attend. 

Focus on the details 

It may not be possible for the regular classes to focus on every detail of the course, as they have to complete it within a specified time. However, tuitions provide a detailed analysis of each chapter besides completing the courses on time. They also arrange for mock tests and practise sessions before the students sit for their exams. This helps reduce their anxiety to some extent so that they can ace their tests confidently.  

So you see how important it’s for your ward to get tuitions apart from their regular classes. With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, all the regular classes have been shut down for an indefinite time. However, it’s the online tuitions that are keeping education alive for the students in Australia. Get in touch with one such affordable tuition services provider and help your ward complete his/her course in time. 

How Are Online Tuitions Saving The Day During COVID-19 Crisis?

How Are Online Tuitions Saving The Day During COVID-19 Crisis?

There is no denying that the COVID-19 crisis has created drastic changes in our lifestyle overnight. With the entire world in a locked-down phase to combat the deadly virus, we are bound to our homes in an attempt to stay safe and alive. Many students, professionals, informal workers and several industries are bearing the brunt of the pandemic with no idea when normal conditions will be restored. 

However, the schools and universities in Australia have joined hands to help students continue with their studies amid the global crisis by moving their operations online. They are providing online tuitions in the form of regular semesters or private classes so that the students do not feel distracted, anxious or uncertain about their careers. From offering affordable tutoring services to free professional courses online, the educational institutes are going the extra mile for the benefit of the students. 

Online tuitions versus classroom teaching in the present time 

Every continent, state and city are trying their best to prevent community transmission of the virus by lowering the shutters of every shop, restaurant, bar, recreation centres and closing offices and educational institutes for an undefined period. 

Not only that but numerous private and public institutes have also come forward with innovative ideas to offer a range of prospective courses online for students to make the most of their quarantine. While near graduates can opt for professional courses to increase their employability skills, others can take advantage of the live classes to continue with their studies despite all adversities. 

Keep scrolling to know some of the advantages of online tuitions over regular classes in the present time. 

You do not have to leave your home

With live classes and tuitions available online, you do not have to leave the comforts and safety of your home. All you have to do is create a schedule as per the class timings and sit in front of a computer. As the current situation demands you to practice social isolation, online tuitions are the best way to keep studying without being inside a real classroom.  

Dedicated faculty for a limited number of students 

When you enrol in online tuition, you will be connecting with your tutors through video conferences. There will be a dedicated faculty member for not more than 6(six) students, thus ensuring better interaction. Whether you are looking for a Math specialist or an expert English tutor, you can get immediate help during the classes and resolve your queries. The tutors use high tech web applications to connect with the students, so you do not have to worry about network connectivity issues. 

No strict regulations to follow 

In a conventional classroom, you have to follow a certain protocol. However, in the case of online tuitions, such a system is not necessary. You may pick a spot according to your needs and preferences and even have food while attending classes online. However, it is best to show respect to the tutor by seeking his/her permission if you need to leave the desk for some urgent work. 

When place and money are not hindrances any more, you can focus entirely on your studies to achieve your career goals without much hassle. Make effective use of your quarantine by opting for online tuitions to keep anxiety, stress and panic at bay during the critical times. 

Stay safe! 

Teachers Teach From Their Hearts

Teachers Teach From Their Hearts

The teacher is the one who gets the most out of the lessons and the true teacher is the learner.” – Elbert Hubbard

A true teacher will talk to you about his/her experiences in life and not adhere only to the books. S/he will give you the lessons s/he learned from life. It’s not that books are not important, but they are more useful in the case of self-learning when you have no teacher to turn to. But when you have a teacher, why should you depend on the books for your knowledge? Isn’t it the task of the teacher to give you an idea about life? 

No matter what situation you’re in or what struggles you’re facing, no experience is unique. Always remember that it has been faced by someone, at some point of time in the universe. Even if you have never met the person who has similar experiences, there’s no reason to believe that you’re alone in it. And that’s what a true teacher can help you realize. If S/he goes by the book, you will never get a complete understanding of the way you can overcome challenges and enhance your life. 

That’s why a true teacher should understand your problems by heart and teach from the heart to help you overcome the situation and move forward. S/he will narrate his/her experiences that may not be the same but are quite similar to the ones you have. That will help you bond with your teacher and trust him/her with your issues. 

What are the main qualities of a teacher who teaches from the heart?

The primary goal in life is to find a teacher, a mentor, who can encourage you to make the most of your life. For that, s/he should teach you from the heart, make you feel comfortable enough to share your problems and offer real-life solutions to the issues. Knowledge from the books can never be applied in real life if you don’t understand them deeply. That’s why the teacher acts as a middleman between the knowledge of the books and your realization, making you feel every single that you learn by giving you real-life examples. 

Here are some of the finest qualities of a teacher who teaches from the heart. 

  • Power of narration – The best teacher should be a fantastic storyteller. S/he will have to gain your attention and not force you into listening to him/her. You will do that automatically. 
  • Practical knowledge – One cannot claim to a true teacher if s/he has not learned anything from life but only from the books s/he has read. While there may be similarities between the author’s experience and that of the teacher, you will feel more connected if the teacher had those experiences that s/he talks about so passionately. 
  • Intelligence – A true teacher will know how to influence your mind and set it in the right direction, and that requires intelligence. Human beings are egoist creatures. They may not listen to someone simply because s/he asks them to. So, intelligence is one of the primary qualities of a good teacher. 

Are you looking for a teacher to guide you in life? Look for the aforementioned qualities in a person, and if you find him/her, know that you have found your teacher. 

The Best Teachers

The Best Teachers

“I am not a teacher, but an awakener” – Robert Frost

A good teacher is not someone who teaches you to think correctly. S/he is the one who changes your entire mindset. All those things that you have learned from your experience can be perceived in a different light, which the teacher helps us realise. For example, if a negative experience in your life tends to prevent you from moving forward, your teacher can help you identify the positive factors in that experience and help you break your shackles and move ahead. 

To get that chance to think differently, you should place your faith in your teacher, more than anything else. If s/he is unable to gain your trust, you will be sceptical of his/her ways and unable to recognise your full potential. 

Let’s give you a gist of things that you should follow by heart to get the most out of your teacher and help them, help you. 

  • Be a good listener – You should be an ardent listener to understand everything that your teacher says to you. 
  • Be obedient – If you trust your teacher, you should follow whatever s/he says and tries to incorporate the same into your lifestyle. 
  • Be disciplined – Discipline is the first step towards changing your thought process. Follow discipline in your day-to-day life to speed up the process. 
  • Be curious – Do you have questions? It’s natural to be curious when learning something new. Get your queries resolved from your teacher. 
  • Be natural – Don’t force something on yourself just because your teacher is saying so. Use your analytical mind to realise what the teacher is trying to convey before adapting to the same. 

Now, a good teacher also needs to have some essential qualities to help you change your mindset as follows:

  • Ability to reform – The teacher must be capable of bringing changes to your thought process. If s/he can’t provide you with the logic behind his/her teachings, chances are, you won’t consider him/her seriously. 
  • Ability to answer queries – The teacher should always be on his/her toes to answer the relevant questions of his/her pupils. S/he should know what s/he is saying and be able to provide proper logic behind his/her statements. 
  • Ability to influence – The teacher should be able to influence your thinking and change it into something better. For example, if you feel insecure and low about yourself, the teacher can help you realise your strengths to combat your weaknesses. 
  • Ability to learn – It’s not that the pupils should always learn from the teachers. Learning is a two-way process and is successful only when you are flexible enough to let things inside. The teachers should also learn things from his/her pupils to give them the best possible advice at any given moment. 
  • Ability to seek knowledge – A teacher, is the medium through which we gain wisdom. Hence, s/he should always find knowledge in the raw form from his/her environment, process it and transfer the same to his/her pupils. 

Remember, a teacher can change your mind only if you keep it open. Rigidity and arrogance are the biggest enemies of wisdom, so get rid of the same before you seek your teacher’s help to change your thought process